Corporate Trainers

In 1992, Kathy Coover left her career as a dental hygienist in search of a way to spend more time with her family and contribute to others on a greater scale. Kathy went on to become a top earner in three separate network marketing companies, generating millions in income and helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs achieve success. Remaining focused on her aspirations to positively impact the lives of others, Kathy joined her husband, Jim, and together they co-founded Isagenix. They set out to build a network marketing company that would be different than all the rest, founded on integrity, passion, and collaboration. Kathy is a nationally recognized and respected leader who has translated her personal successes into training and support systems that have helped create physical and financial freedom for countless Isagenix Associates.

With more than 35 years’ experience, Jim Coover is widely considered a pioneer in the weight-loss and nutrition industry. He successfully led numerous network marketing companies throughout his career, serving more than 7 million customers and exceeding $1 billion in sales. In 2001, Jim and his wife, expert network marketer Kathy, left retirement to link arms with John Anderson to co-found Isagenix in pursuit of a vision to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain. At Isagenix, Jim has been instrumental in creating the architecture of one of the most generous, simple, and effective compensation plans in the industry.

Erik entered the family business during college as an Isagenix Independent Associate creating highly successful six-figure income.* After graduating with a degree in business communications from Arizona State University, he decided to join the corporate team. His passion quickly catapulted him to success doing what he does best: uniting people and empowering them to be the best they can be.

As the senior vice president of international marketing and culture, Erik is the leader behind the company’s fastest-growing demographic: millennials. He urges all 18- to 35-year-olds to own their life physically and financially, and through their contributions, create freedom and a lasting legacy.

Erik is also spearheading the company’s aggressive sustainability initiatives with a goal of zero-waste packaging by 2028. As a young executive, Erik is a role model to others and leads by example. In 2015, he was awarded Marketing Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards® for his hard work and dedication. In 2019, Erik completed Harvard University’s prestigious Executive Education Program for Leadership Development.

His ‘Sol’ Reason to Keep Going

While sharing Isagenix is a passion that has come easily for Erik, he’s always had an affinity for golf. He was the team captain of the Arizona State University golf team while in college and now plays for fun and uses the golf course as a place to recharge. Erik is happily married to his wife, Peta, and the two have a beautiful daughter named Sol.

He hopes when she — or anyone for that matter — looks back on his legacy, he’s remembered as a present, loving dad and husband who made a difference and genuinely cared about all of humanity.

Travis Ogden joined Isagenix International in 2016 as President and Chief Operating Officer.  Under his leadership, the Company has embarked upon an aggressive growth strategy aimed at positioning Isagenix as a global leader in the health and wellness industry.  Travis possesses both the intense professional will to achieve audacious goals and the personal humility that inspires the entire Isagenix team to work tirelessly and collectively for the common good.

Prior to joining Isagenix, Travis served as Chief Operating Officer in a leading direct sales company, where he spearheaded the company’s global growth, ultimately aiding the organization in surpassing $1 billion in annual sales.

Travis received both his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Master of Business Administration from University of Utah. He obtained his CPA license and practiced with two of the world’s largest public accounting firms before taking a leadership role in the private sector. He enjoys cycling, running and many other outdoor activities. He and his wife of 25 years have five boys.

With over a decade of experience in sales leadership and extensive experience in the network marketing arena, Travis is responsible for field development, sales promotions, and marketing strategy at Isagenix. He has traveled all over the globe to help drive results and has successfully helped take Isagenix from a startup to a multimillion-dollar company.

In his 16-year career, Travis has remained an avid student of network marketing, working and training with some of the most successful corporate and field leaders in the industry. He knows what it takes to help move a business forward.

Travis is passionately dedicated to helping our customers succeed and stays continually focused on implementing new strategies and tools to help them achieve their physical and financial goals. He is a devoted husband and a father of four who loves sports, the outdoors, and traveling with his family.

Dr. Plant comes from humble beginnings, growing up in a small town in Utah and becoming a first-generation college graduate. While working towards his Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Utah he made a few key discoveries that caught the attention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which led to Dr. Plant being awarded the National Institutes of Health Fellowship, a prestigious award given to only 10 students each year. After completing his fellowship, Dr. Plant was recruited by Harvard Medical School into their Biomedical Doctoral Program, completing its 7-year program 3.5 years early (the second fastest ever to finish that early) and graduating first in his class.

Prior to Isagenix, Dr. Plant most recently served as chief operating officer, formulator and chairman of the product advisory board of another direct selling company. In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and four children, reading political sci-fi books, playing an active role in the local community and following the Boston Red Sox. ​

Keynote Trainers

Isagenix Legacy Club, 13-Star Platinum, 17-Star Crystal Executive

Certified life and leadership coach and trainer Lisa spent over 14 years working in the pharmaceutical sales industry. As a single mother of three, she struggled making ends meet until she was introduced to network marketing. Three years into her new career, Lisa became a top income earner and she was sure she was in the right industry, but just not with the right company. After researching several companies’ compensation plans and products, Lisa walked away from her successful business to join Isagenix. She currently coaches team members in six countries to create their own destinies. Lisa was honored as one of the Isagenix 2017 Women of the Year and as a member of the 2018 7-Figure Club, she gets to travel the world with her three children, Gianna (17), Victoria (15) and Nicky (12) while building a network marketing empire from home.*​

Isagenix Legacy Club, 6-Star Golden Circle, 9-Star Executive

Like a true entrepreneur, Zach grew up with the mindset of, “I don’t know what my career will be. I just know I want to do a lot of things at once.” He explored several career paths, struggled a ton, failed a lot, succeeded just to lose it all, but with continued effort Zach has found his calling. This proud START Ambassador has built a successful Isagenix business alongside his beautiful wife Eden and spends his days coaching others to do the same. Drawing on over 10 years of experience in network marketing and over 20 years of experience in sales psychology, training and coaching, and personal growth, Zach is ready to share his playbook with like-minded attendees.​

Isagenix Legacy Club, 8-Star Golden Circle, 7-Star Crystal Executive

Formerly in corporate America, Jessica worked closely with network marketing companies on the delivery of their compensation plans, including Isagenix. When she learned about the nutrition in Isagenix products, she decided to give them a chance. After focusing her passion and efforts into Isagenix, Jessica’s business took off and she received the 2014 and 2015 Rising Star award. At the 2018 Global Top Achievers Summit, Jessica was recognized as having the 3rd fastest growing team in the company. Thanks to their success with their Isagenix business, Jessica and her husband Doug had the chance to give back and become foster parents.* Their lives are enriched daily through spending quality time with their biological 12-year-old daughter, their 9-year-old boy and girl twins, and their 1 ½ year old foster baby.​

Isagenix Legacy Club, 7-Star Golden Circle, 10-Star Crystal Executive

Abby attended the University of New Hampshire and majored in business entrepreneurship. Before joining Isagenix in December 2014, she was working as a full-time nanny, running a nannying agency, coaching gymnastics, and working part time as a marketing brand ambassador. She and her husband struggled financially, and were exhausted, worn out, and frustrated that they were unable to put their children first. Abby was searching for a way to build a career while maintaining balance with her family life. After living her own amazing experience with Isagenix products, she wanted to share it with others and recognized the potential of the business side. Today, Abby is a proud wife and a mother of three kids. She’s a START Ambassador and works with her husband full time to build a legacy for their family through their Isagenix business.* Since starting Isagenix, Abby has achieved amazing success with her business and brought her husband home full time. She is currently focused on helping others work toward their dreams.​

5-Star Golden Circle, 6-Star Crystal Executive

Lauren Simms is a Colorado native who loves to work out, cook, shop, and hang with friends and family. She’s also a huge Broncos fan!

Lauren’s background is in fitness and health. She is a clinical nutritionist and fitness professional with over 15 years of experience who has since retired to pursue her Isagenix career full time. She published her first book earlier this year and published her second book this summer.

Lauren got started with Isagenix in 2013. Her business took off quickly, and she was recognized as a Top Leadership Pool Earner for 2013/2014. In 2014, she was No. 2 companywide in the IsaDerby™ challenge. Also in 2014, after just one year with the company, Lauren was recognized for the Personal Enrollee Rank Advancement award and the Isagenix Rising Star award.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, Lauren continued her success by qualifying for the Global Top Achievers trip. Additionally, she was recognized as the No. 2 and No. 5 Leader in Action in both 2015 and 2016, and in 2016, she was a President’s Quest award winner!

Lauren is also part of the START movement and is a START 1000 member and Ambassador.

 4-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executive

Before Isagenix Jared was an unfulfilled entrepreneur who had his hands in multiple failed businesses. He knew that he was meant for more than existing and going through the motions.

His aunt started using the Isagenix system and he and his wife watched her journey for over a year before they decided to jump in as product users with his mom and dad. The Isagenix products excited Jared because they were such high quality and convenient for his busy lifestyle. They provided him with a new found energy and clarity that he had been lacking.

Jared shares Isagenix with his wife, Sharaya, full-time since they both experienced physical and financial freedom. They are Top 10 Income Earners in their age demographic (18-25) and proud members of START 1000. They have adopted the Isagenix mission and wake up every day ready to free people from physical and financial pain. Jared is passionate about building people’s belief in themselves and takes the personal development journey seriously linking arms with customers and team members to help them become their best healthiest selves.​

 10-Star Platinum, 8-Star Executive

Not so long ago, Tara Romano was feeling spread thin. She was working multiple bartending jobs while teaching more than 20 fitness classes a week. With the threat of burnout looming, she knew she needed a better way to earn income that would give her more flexibility.

Using Isagenix as her vehicle, Tara has spent the last four years coaching, inspiring, and motivating hundreds of people and helping them transform their lives physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Her overwhelming success and determination have allowed her to retire from her previous jobs and focus full time on assisting her teammates and those across the country.*

On top of building her Isagenix business, Tara is following her passion of empowering women through movement and motivation.

*Earning levels or income statements (including claims such as the ability to quit a job or stay at home or portrayals of luxury lifestyles) for the Isagenix Independent Associates discussed here exceed the average results achieved by all Associates during the same time period, are not necessarily representative of the success or compensation that any particular Associate will receive, and should not be construed as typical or average. The ability to earn income under the Isagenix Compensation Plan depends on many factors including an individual Associate’s business, social, and sales skills; personal ambition and activity; availability of time and financial resources; and access to a large network of family, friends, and business contacts. Isagenix cannot and does not guarantee any particular level of earnings. Even Associates who dedicate a significant amount of time, effort, and personal funds may not achieve a meaningful level of success. For average earnings, refer to​

Global Celebration Keynote Trainer

Michelle is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She is the Founder of Hello Fears, a social movement that has reached over 70 million people worldwide and has empowered thousands to choose growth over comfort.

Her work has been featured on Forbes, CNN, The Today Show, Fox and Buzzfeed among many others.

If you’ve ever wondered what your life would be like if you weren’t afraid… YOU ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT.

Panelists & Featured Associates

Isagenix legacy Club, 20-Star Platinum, 25-Star Crystal Executive

With 33 years in the industry, Jay had been a part of several network marketing companies who lacked integrity. So when Jay was introduced to Isagenix, he was attracted to the company’s family values and opportunities for growth and financial freedom. Jay committed to building his business and pursuing his passion for training and inspiring others to reach success. This 2015 Ambassador Award recipient is most proud of his team and fellow leaders and that he has been able to create a legacy and financial security for his family.

Isagenix Legacy Club, 17-Star Platinum, 18-Star Crystal Executive

Emily Vavra was introduced to Isagenix by 2010 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner Holly DeMott. At 23 years old, Emily started her Isagenix business knowing she wanted more purpose and opportunity from her life.

Emily is one of the youngest Isagenix Legacy Club members as well as a START Ambassador. She has been honored as a Top 100 Income Earner, IsaDerby™ winner, President’s Award winner, and President’s Quest winner. She has also received the Rising Star and Shooting Star awards and has been recognized as one of the Women of Isagenix.

When she isn’t running her business, Emily loves working out, fashion, exploring, and traveling the world.​

 Isagenix Legacy Club, 14-Star Platinum, 11-Star Crystal Executive

Originally from Rulo, Nebraska, Hilari is a small-town girl and believes her greatest assets to success are her husband, Justin, and their children Lucas, Kaedyn, Emersyn, Fischer, and Deacon. This Isagenix Legacy Club Member has quickly become an Isagenix rising star winning numerous awards such as the Spirit of Isagenix Award in 2010, and the Woman of the Year Award in 2012.​

Isagenix Legacy Club, 8-Star Golden Circle, 10-Star Crystal Executive

Lindsay Hoffbuhr and her husband, Cory, were both born and raised in Oregon. They met in college at Oregon State University and later moved to Columbus, Ohio, where they completed their medical degrees at Ohio State University. After that, they traveled the U.S. while Cory served in the Navy and pursued his postgraduate training.
Today, the couple resides in Reno, Nevada, where Cory practices as an anesthesiologist and Lindsay enjoys her time at home growing the couple’s Isagenix business and raising their two incredible girls, Emerson, 7, and Brynn, 5.
Lindsay fell in love with Isagenix in 2014 but was busy with her career as an eye doctor. Determined to pay off her student loans, she grew her Isagenix business while maintaining her career and raising her girls. After finding success, she decided to stay home with her daughters and focus on Isagenix full time.*
Cory and Lindsay’s greatest joy is helping their friends and colleagues achieve financial independence. It’s their passion to encourage others to live life unconventionally. They believe direct sales is for everyone regardless of age, level of education, or current career.
Together, Lindsay and Cory have earned the following Isagenix credentials: Isagenix Legacy Club member No. 229, Isagenix Rising Star award, Isagenix Shooting Star award, START 1000 leader, START Ambassador, and START Top 10 Income Earner. On top of that, Lindsay was recognized as one of the Women of Isagenix and Cory is part of Team Isagenix for running and marathons.

7-Star Golden Circle, 6-Star Crystal Executive

Gabrielle’s Isagenix journey started in September 2013 when she was working as a senior manager in Perth, Western Australia. She saw a transformation posted on Facebook and ordered the products immediately, falling in love with them and even signing up for her first fitness competition shortly after. After attending Celebration 2014, she decided to go all in with the business. She lives in Auckland with her partner and fellow Isagenix Associate Grant Pearce, seven other Isagenix housemates, and their dog, Jenny.

Highlights of Gabrielle’s Isagenix business include her being named a START Ambassador, becoming part of the START 1000, receiving the Spirit of Isagenix award in 2018 and a Women of Isagenix award in 2017, and taking her dad to Global Top Achievers in Maui.

Gabrielle dreams of helping young New Zealanders who have moved to Australia for opportunities to return home to New Zealand, creating more START 1000 members, and becoming the first Isagenix Legacy Club member and Platinum in New Zealand.

In between building her Isagenix business, she loves climbing mountains, kayaking oceans, and running trails. ​

Isagenix Legacy Club, 5-Star Golden Circle, 6-Star Crystal Executive

Audrye always had huge dreams and goals for her life, but she was missing the vehicle to achieve them. In a moment of prayer, the Isagenix opportunity crossed her path which led her to pursue her vision of changing the world and touching people’s lives. Along with her husband James, they have built an incredible organization of inspired team members and are helping them build the lives and incomes they desire. She joins our elite lineup of trainers at Celebration 2019 to share her real and open insight on our company and business opportunity.

“I want to help people break down every barrier that would hold them back from achieving the dreams within their heart and I want people to leave knowing that they can be imperfect and still accomplish as much as they desire with this company. My passion is to ignite a vision that will burn so brightly that success in Isagenix is inevitable!”