Cory K. – 7 Star Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive & Isagenix Millionaire

Periscope is a fast-growing, innovative, video-based social media platform that helps you connect with new and current Isagenix team members while growing your business. Take it from 7-Star Golden Circle, 4-Star Crystal Executive & Isagenix Millionaire Cory K., who has primarily built her business using the power of social media. In this podcast, Cory will [...]

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Rod H. – Healthy Mind and Body Elite Trainer

World-renowned leader, life coach, and author, Rod Hairston, teaches you how to improve in the five areas that can make or break your success. “We do these things each day, but it’s how we’re doing them that makes the difference,” Rod says. Listen in to learn what these five things are and how you can [...]

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Jimmy Smith – Isagenix Millionaire, 19-Star Platinum, 6-Star Crystal Executive

Jimmy Smith is more than a network marketing veteran – he’s a pro. After retiring from his job as a butcher, Jimmy started in the network marketing industry in 1989. Of the companies he’s partnered with, he’s only felt “at home” with Isagenix. Jimmy joins the show as an Isagenix Millionaire, 19-Star Platinum, 6-Star Crystal [...]

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